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Military Armored Personnel Carrier APC

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Isbi Armor is aware that conventional armored VIP vehicles offer limited protection against IED's. Small strips of steel welded to pillars rip apart with blasts. Car hinges are not designed to withstand forces from explosions and implosions.

To better cope with blasts large sections of steel, fixed windows (70mm thick multi hit) and very strong doors (including hinges and mechanical locks) are required. A truck chassis that is built from the start to support the weight of the armored body is a must.

For the past five years we have built Armored Monocoque personnel carriers for all Colombian military (Army, Marines, Air Force) and Police. These vehicles have been constantly battle proven. They have been hit by gun fire, grenades, and roadside bombs.

The vehicles have proven very reliable. The 3/8 th inch mil spec steel holds very well after years in the field. Our polyurethane exterior paint lasts for years. Very little maintenance is needed.

This 9 ton Monocoque Armored Personnel Carrier is made from US ballistic grade Astralloy steel cut by computer controlled CNC plasma and welded with MIG.

Length: 6.10 meters (17') with a capacity of 12 men + driver+commander+gunner

Height: 2.65 meters

width: 2.50 meters

Turret: 60cm high It is powered with a 250 HP Caterpillar 3126 diesel engine and has an Allison fuller 5 gear box. Range over 500km. Max speed 110km/h Ratio 25HP/ton Air Brakes International Navitrans 4X4 or 4X2

European Norm CEN B6 equivalent NIJ III

Projectiles fired from weapons caliber 7.62 x 51 Nato (Light Machine Guns such as M-60 & MAC with M-80 Ball ammo), 7.62 x 39 rifle type AK-47 Kalasnikov and 5.56 Nato (ball, AP, SS109).

Hand Grenades (type M-26), rifle grenades, & 40mm antipersonnel. Claymore.

Stopping .50 caliber BMG
(Browning Machine Gun) M-33

For more information contact: john@isbi.us
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