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Military Police Riot Vehicle

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Military Police armored trucks jltv makes
POLICE RIOT VEHICLE www.riot-vehicle.com

Isbi Amor manufactures strong vehicles mounted on conventional truck chassis.

Our all steel bodies cope very well against IEDs. Our riot vehicles additionally have screens (steel 3/16”) protecting the windshield, side glass, and lights against stones.

To better cope with blasts large sections of steel, fixed windows (60mm thick multi hit) and very strong doors (including hinges and mechanical locks) are required. A truck chassis that is built from the start to support the weight of the armored body is a must.

For the past five years we have built Armored Monocoque personnel carriers for all Colombian military (Army, Marines, Air Force) and Police. These vehicles have been constantly battle proven. They have been hit by gun fire, grenades, and roadside bombs.

The vehicles have proven very reliable. The 3/8 inch mil spec steel holds very well after years in the field. Our polyurethane exterior paint lasts for years and very little maintenance is needed.

This 11 ton Monocoque vehicle is made from US ballistic grade Astralloy steel cut by computer controlled CNC plasma and welded with MIG.

It has a capacity for 15 + driver+gunner+commander

Steel screens in all the windows.

10 gun ports.

The windshield screen is moved with an electric booster.

Hydraulic barrier plow can move objects up to 3 tons in weight.

Transmission 4X4

Length:  6 meters

Height: 2.75 meter (9'5”)  width 2.50 meters 

Turret: 60cm high

It is powered with a 250 HP Cummins diesel engine and has a Fuller 9 gear box. Range over 600km. Max speed 115km/h Ratio 22HP/ton fully loaded with water Air Brakes Kenworth single axle 4x4 T300

European Norm CEN B6 equivalent NIJ III

Projectiles fired from weapons caliber 7.62 x 51 Nato (Light Machine Guns such as M-60 & MAC with M-80 Ball ammo), 7.62 x 39 rifle type AK-47 Kalasnikov and 5.56 Nato (ball M-193, AP M-195, SS109 M-855).

Hand Grenades (type M-26), rifle grenades, & 40mm antipersonnel. Claymore.

81 morter at 5 mts.

Paint: The exterior of the vehicle is painted with double compound polyurethane paint (non flammable).

Doors: There are two doors, one located on the driver side and one on the co-pilot side. The engine room has a maintenance door on the right side. The crew has access to the engine room through two doors located on the inside. Therefore, the crew does not have to exit the vehicle to enter the engine room.

It includes:Air conditioning, 2 inch thick foam in all walls, 6 bullet proof tires (rubber filled), 7 gun ports, CD Radio 12 and 110 volt outlets 150 watt.

Delivery time: Between 120 and 150 days.

Price: US $350,000 The customer supplies the chassis.

Stopping .50 caliber BMG
(Browning Machine Gun) M-33

For more information contact: john@isbi.us
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