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Prisoner Transport Armored VAN

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We manufacture armor for vans used to mobilize high risk prisoners.

The vehicle is divided into four compartments. Two guards go in the rear. Then follows the prisoners area, then another guard area, and in the front go the team leader and the driver.

All the compartments are divided with ballistic steel.

The vehicles have proven very reliable. The 1/4 inch mil spec steel holds very well after years in the field. Our polyurethane interior paint lasts for years. Very little maintenance is needed.

The 2 ton Armored is made from US ballistic grade Astralloy steel cut by computer controlled CNC plasma and welded with MIG.

Mercedes Spinter Van

Guard capacity: 6

Prisoner capacity: 6

European Norm CEN B6 equivalent NIJ III

Projectiles fired from weapons caliber 7.62 x 51 Nato (Light Machina Guns such as M-60 & MAC with M-80 Ball ammo), 7.62 x 39 rifle type AK-47 Kalasnikov and 5.56 Nato (ball, AP, SS109).

Hand Grenades (type M-26), rifle grenades, & 40mm antipersonnel.

81 morter at 5 mts. Claymore.


For more information contact: john@isbi.us
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