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One way Transparent Armor
Transparent armor polycarbonate
  • ISBI is a leading brand of transparent armor. Our new technology AIR-CHAMBER glass ages very well in hot weather. We give a against delamination.
  • RETURN FIRE GLASS: In the left side you can see how a 9mm bullet fired from the inside of the vehicle goes out and strikes the watermelon. This round fired from the inside of the vehicle first hits the polycarbonate. This plastic is very soft and does not deform the bullet. The bullet then continues and completely penetrates the glass (then strikes the watermelon, or person attacking you).
  • This shoot out capability is ideal for Police Officers. We have molds for Ford Interceptor, Tahoe, Charger, Impala.
  • The exit area marked with the arrow is compromised by the outgoing round. This type of system is called One way (return fire or air chamber). ISBIs patent was awarded because our system uses bent glass. So our glass has the exact curvature of the OEM. This is why the windows roll up and down.

  • This same glass was turned around and stopped 20 9mm incoming rounds. This is a IIIA sample.
  • Independently certified by Chesapeake Testing Lab in Belcamp, Maryland.

    The air gap between the outer laminated glass and the inner laminated polycarbonate prevents this armor from delaminating. It is also a lot lighter (up to 35%) and cooler (up to 50%) than regular glass.

  • Regular ballistic glass does not have a gap. The polycarbonate tends to delaminate over time, as seen in the picture below
Delamination   one way armored
Made with a combination of laminated glass, spall protection, air gap and polycarbonate. It is the strongest, yet the lightest glass in the market.
Our patented system of an air chamber technology permits the passengers to shoot through the glass from inside of the vehicle (return fire).  The air chamber also allows the interior of the vehicle to be 50% cooler (less heat transferred) and quieter than the traditional laminated windows.

We export glass kits for all types of vehicles. Our patented glass weighs 35% less than traditional glass clad polycarbonate. 10 year ballistic Warranty.

Three week lead time.



We make complex shapes with a very strong offset (9mm) and dot matrix edge

We ship by air in three days anywhere in the world.

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ballistic glass manufacture
We can manufacture your ballistic glass.

Level III (NIJ IIIA) 9 mm multihit

Our Level III (NIJ IIIA) armor is designed to withstand multiple 9mm submachine rounds & .44 Mag JHP

NIJ IIIA SMG weighs 25 kilos/sq meter (5.7 lbs/sq foot)

SUV Set $7,500

Ballistic Certificate NTS NIJ IIIA 9mm Ballistic Certificate Chesapeake

Multi-hit 5 shot triangle

*Glass thickness: 16.3 mm (.64 inch)*

Level IIIA multihit transparent armored glass bulletproof Level IIIA multihit UZI
Level IV (NIJ III & CEN B6+) Multi Hit .308 (7.62 Nato ball)

Rifle (CEN B6). This level of armor is used when the threat level for rifle fire is high (rifle calibers 7.62 Ball M80 @ 830 meters per second and 5.56 SS109 and M193 called B6+).

The total weight of the glass is 450 kilos

The 7.62 NATO Ball is difficult to stop with glass because it is a heavy round.

5.56 NATO Ball M193 penetrates less than 7.62 NATO Ball (M-80) or the SS109.

SS109 5.56 NATO "Green Tip"

Level (B6) is 41 mm thick, weighs only 88 kilos/sq meter (18 lbs/sq foot)

SUV Set $8,700 EXW Bogota

B6 3 Shot B6 3 Shot