ISBI Armor is the largest supplier of ballistic glass for law enforcement in North America.

Thousands of police vehicles use our bulletproof glass.

Now we offer this technology for CyberTruck owners.

15mm glass that replaces the OEM.
This new glass is rated NIJ IIIA (.357 Sig) stopping rounds fired from 9mm, .357 Magnum and Sig. as well as .45 acp and .40 FMJ and hollow points.

Pull out the OEM glass and drop in ballistic glass (Police grade).

This glass is return fire. So if need be you can shoot out through your glass.

This glass has the same ballistic protection as the exoskeleton.

Product available March 2024

Price per door window: $ 1,900

This glass does not stop rifle fire.

Windshields available June 2024

Price $ 2,900

USA: 401-495-4881

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