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Our satisfied clients range from civilians to government entities such as DAS, Congress, Indumil, Secretary Interior, Army, etc. All customer information is handled in the most strict, confidential manner.

Since 1993 we have consistently manufactured the highest quality armor for vehicles, helicopters; as well as been a reputable supplier of ballistic glass to other armoring companies worldwide.

Rest assured, that our materials have been approved and certified after passing the most stringent of ballistic tests. Our products are battle proven and our vehicles have protected their occupants in numerous attacks from both automatic rifle fire and improvised explosive devices(IEDs).

Our fully insured and secure manufacturing facility
is located in Bogotá, Colombia..


Armoring Permit from Security Superintendency

Bogotá Chamber of Commerce

Tax ID

"ISBI ARMORing specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of armor, bulletproof vests, and glass while meeting and exceeding the highest technical industry quality standards.".

Our goal is to meet the customer’s needs consistent with highest standards through proactive quality control and continuous enhancement of personnel skills and training. The efficiency of our manufacturing facilities is under constant review and improvement.
(Systems efficiency through the definition and permanent supervision of the objectives and indexes, the commitment and competence of our personnel and our adequate infrastructure.)

"Our staff is a dedicated team working together solely to deliver the highest quality of product possible, exceed your expectations, and ensure your security."

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